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Gulf Fab Shade Engineering LLC. - has been recognized as industry leader for providing Integrate technology driven challenging infrastructure solutions and are considered well - established &skilful STRUCTURAL DESIGN & BUILDING CONTRACTING FIRM in Sharjah, U.A.E.

As specialized in steel contracting, we are very competent in constructing Industrial, Commercial & Residential Buildings, Factories, Petrol Stations, Canopies, outdoor shades, Warehouses, and Tensile Shade Structures. We are considered as expert in executing steel works for ROOF FEATURES. We are the leading manufacturer of parking shadesand canopies in Sharjah,UAE. Gulf Fab Shade Engineering LLC. Coherently intermingle with project teams from the preliminary stage itself – including engineers, building management, owners and contractors so as to pre-plan all the aspects pertaining to the structure. From the initial structuring till the constructability evaluation via project level sequencing and safety planning, to complete projects in the most guarded manner even in the unfavourableoperating situations.

Gulf Fab Shade Engineering LLC. One of the best Fabrication Company and our business is promising with the best engineering force in the region. Gulf Fab provides the supply of parking shades, outdoor shades, stadium shades, roof shades, tensile shades, swimming pool shades, Outdoor umbrella shades or Patio shades, beech shades, awning shades and sun shades.

Our Activities
Our Vision

Be the Captain by rendering high-technology engineering and infrastructure contracts - carry out and execute any kind of projects in steel structure: industrial, commercial and residential buildings, show - rooms, shopping centres, factories, hangars sheds and other related works with precision, safety and high quality.

Our Mission

We tend to create client value through unique blend of sustainable solutions and effective use of high quality steel as a construction material to build injury-free infrastructure.


Architectural Shading Solutions

Structural fabrication companies in UAE

The factor that provides us a trustworthy and senior position amongst reputed costumers in a short time span is our distinguished projects which have completed in the stipulated period and the quality of our work. The projects are carried out by a Team with well knowledge and experience who can better understand and design as per the requirements of clients. Gulf Fab Shade Engineering LLC is one of the structural fabrication companies in UAE and we holds an excellent staff to encounter and execute any exigent works by step by step analysis by perpetuate quality as the major Moto. We maintain to keep our collaborators updated with all information about the designing decisions and level of fabrication progress.

The scope of Gulf Fab Shade Engineering LLC is infrastructural Quality, safety and reliability and our main involvements consist of the following areas:-

  • Structural fabrication
  • Parking shade manufacturing
  • Canopy manufacturing
  • Shade sail installation
  • Pre-designed Shade Structure
  • Constructing Industrial, Commercial & Residential Buildings
  • Factories and Warehouses
  • Petrol Stations
  • Tensile Shade Structures and many.

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P.O.Box No: 5894

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