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Heat can swallow the quality of outdoor objects UAE, but definitely not yours if you avail the service of Gulf Fab Shade Engineering L.L.C the best car parking shades Company in UAE.Gulf Fab Shade Engineering L.L.C is one of the paramount vendorsand parkingshade manufacturers in UAE of better grade Car park Structures with a variety of high technology application designs. Gulf Fab Shade Engineering L.L.C is a highly experienced car parking shades Company in UAE. We are offering various styles of extensive worth car parking shades both for domestic and commercial uses over United Arab Emirates.

The major advantages of our shade structures are that the tensile shades cover larger areas easily and with years of expertise in this our engineer’s structures have very less chances to slag and flap over time. Depending the design and arrangement necessitated our car parking sheds can be either installed individually or sequentially. Compared with other competitive car parking shades suppliers in UAEwe create bespoke designs for our clients and the materials are with high quality to protect your vehicles from UV rays and UAE weather.

Our prominent designs includes:-

  • Modern flat Cantilever car park shade
  • Classic curved Sail
  • Modular concept car park shades

We are leading car parking shades suppliers in UAEwith remarkable projects completed and abundant designs. If there are chances for more expansion requirement that may arouse in future then modular concept is the best suited. We established ourselves as one of the best car parking shade companies in UAE with our theme-based shades. We have a substantial range of car parking shades with variety of shared, styles and fabric options with steel works which can be developed and installed in any manner suiting your demand. From planning, designing, manufacture and installations we dart all aspects of the best Car parking shades company in UAE. Our products and service are guaranteed against the sun protection appearance and fading for years.

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