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At summer time UAE really flames. Plants get burned. Family get together and meeting outside becomes a faraway dream. Commercial Fabric shades have several benefits; it can protect you and your plants from the harm full UV rays and heat and gives your space an elegant look. You can better utilise the tensile shaded area as your family get together place and at the same time can protect your furniture too from being exposed to the sun. Our force includes experienced designers who can plan the tensile fabric structures in UAE best suited for your space and budget. We are renowned as shade structure Supplier in UAE with our best tensile shades supplies.Our tailored designs cover the ranges, including:

  • Play areas
  • Fencing covers
  • Pergola outdoor roof covers
  • Shades for back Yards
  • Entrance way
  • Swimming pools shades
  • Garden Shades

If there are chances for more expansion requirement that may arousein future then modular concept is the best suited. We established ourselves as one of the best car parking shade companies in UAE with our theme based shades. We have a substantial range of car parking shades with variety of shared, styles and fabric options with steel works which can be developed and installed in any manner suiting your demand. From planning, designing, manufacture and installations we tucks all aspects of the Car parking shades in UAE. Our products and service are guaranteed against the sun protection appearance and fading for years.

With our classical and conventional architectural designs of tensile fabric erections and shade sails and canopies you can be ready to welcome any weather condition in UAE weather its shine or rain, by protecting your outside objects. Our tensile fabric structures UAE are really the faultless intermingling designs and with greatest quality of fabric. Each of the structures we built is highly concocted and crafted with extreme care so that it can provide you all the required protection elements with durability. Domestic tensile fabric structures can be used as an area for family get together and it gives protection to your furniture too from being exposed to direct sun.

Fabric tensile constructions are designed using hard–pressed or stressed material in exterior pressure fashioned to a 3D surface which is utilized generally for making temporary roofs, shading, or for decorative purposes. Gulf Fab Shade Engineering L.L.C is one of the renowned tensile shades suppliers UAE with a team of experienced designers who can propose the best tensile fabric structures in UAE best well-matched for your space and with a modest budget and supreme quality with high durability. We are at your service for your school/college canopies, garden shades, guest magnetism, hospital, domestic purpose or work place, commercial buildings shade sails, stunning fabric structures etc. Either you can choose your design for our collections or we can create a customised design considering your requirements of tensile fabric structures in UAE.  If you avail our tensile fabrics one thing is for sure that extra ordinary and exceptional quality service will be guaranteed.

We are renowned as tensile fabric structure Supplier in UAE with our best tensile shades supplies. Most of the fabric will create a stretch or tension while we pull it in opposite direction. For the purpose of structures 4 types of materials are used like, PVC coated Polyester Fabric, PVC glass fabric, PTFE Coated Glass Fabric and ETFE Foils. For permanent structures PTFE coated glass fabrics or ETFE Foils are generally preferred. Tensile fabric structures are based on the 2 elementary sides. The attractiveness of tensile fabric structure is its capability and adaptions to any conventional design you demand. Our tailored designs cover the ranges, including Play areas, Fencing covers, Pergola outdoor, Roof covers, Shades for back Yards, Entrance way, Swimming pools shades, Garden Shades etc.

If you have any plan to expand the current construction in future it is always advisable to choose modular concept. It is flexible, quick-to-built, and ideal. Gulf Fab Shade Engineering L.L.C is the best tensile shades supplier UAE and we design your space exactly in the manner of intact requirement with low cost and complete the construction in short time. Irrespective of clients demands the car car park can generate valuable revenue so it makes sense to maximise available space. We are established tensile shades supplier UAE with our theme based designs. We give guarantee on our service and products against sun protection appearance and fading.

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