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Amongst the related items we supply and install tents and sun shade both with standard and customized blue prints which made us to be called as outdoor shades and roof shade supplier UAE. We are outdoor shades supplier UAE and supply all kinds of outdoor shades and umbrellas including masjid shades, school shades, Arabian Tents, beech shades and many as per the insistence by our clients. We are specialized in outdoor shading like shade sail, umbrellas, roof shades, motorized side shades etc. for domestic as well as commercial purposes including restaurants, hotels in UAE.

We are one amongst the fewest stadium roof shades supplier in UAE. Our outdoor shades are produced with excellent materials by considering latest technology and designs. We use both the traditional and modern designs with good old-fashioned craftsmanship and with high professional team of engineers in order to cope the outdoor shading needs in UAE.

All the roofing and outdoor shading structures we build are robust, paramount engineered and having a durability of years which definite render awesome protection from routine and normal natural disturbances. The wide range of fabric choices, glass fabrics, first grade PVC that we use for our constructions of roof shade made us the prominent shade structures supplier UAE. Most of our structures and canopy menders are nautical grade stainless steel.

The cost

Majority of our fabric structures are cost-effectively and effortlessly transformed or modified in size to make adequate within your existing environment. Our range includes flat roof sail blinds, pergola designs, sun tunnels, fabric sheds, sun joy replacements (temporary and permanent), super span hip roofs, waterproof pergola covers, retractable roofs, tensile fabric membrane structures of various purposes and so on.

 If you are looking for outdoor shade supplier UAE and stadium roof shades supplier in UAE contact us. We are very happy to assist you whether or not you have a specific design of your own.


Stadium shades are mostly constructed using sturdy materials like steel, aluminium, or high-quality fabrics. At Gulf Fab, the superior stadium shades supplier UAE, we place high value on the use of durable, weather-resistant and long-lasting materials that guarantee the robustness and lifespan of the stadium shades.

Yes, stadium shade installations are subject to specific regulations and standards to ensure safety and structural integrity. Our team at Gulf Fab adheres to all the necessary guidelines and standards to guarantee a secure and compliant installation process.

Being one of the best outdoor shades supplier UAE Gulf Fab offers outdoor shades that are produced with excellent materials. Contact us directly by filling out the form at the contact us page or either by mail or phone. Our team will get back to you to guide you for your specific needs.

Stadium shades are most commonly used in sports venues to give the spectators shelter and comfort from the sun. But these can also be used in a variety of outdoor environments like recreational parks, event spaces, and places where people meet up.

Yes at Gulf Fab we offer bespoken stadium shades is a range of sizes and colors that are suitable as per your needs. Our goal is to offer specialised solutions that mix in well with the surroundings.

As one of the best stadium shades supplier UAE, we at Gulf Fab offer stadium shades that are designed to withstand even extreme weather conditions like intense sunlight, heavy rain and strong winds. To guarantee long-term performance and protection, we place a high priority on robustness and durability in our product.

At Gulf Fab, our expert team handles the installation process meticulously, by following industry best practices and the safety standards. We make use of advanced techniques and equipment ensuring safe and efficient installations.

There are several advantages in using outdoor shades. These are a great help in protecting against harsh weather conditions like heavy rains, extreme heat and sunlight, etc. They also offer aesthetical appeal of outdoor spaces by providing a comfortable environment for various activities.

Yes, Gulf Fab offers both manually controlled and motorised outdoor blinds, giving our customers the freedom to select the most practical and appropriate choice according to their needs and tastes.

Yes outdoor shades are constructed using waterproof materials, thereby they ensure effective protection against rain and moisture. Being one of the top outdoor shades supplier UAE we make use of premium, water-proof materials and components guaranteeing long-lasting performance and durability.

Indeed, our outdoor shades are designed to withstand windy circumstances, offering resilience and stability even in the face of powerful gusts. To ensure dependable functioning in a range of weather conditions, we incorporate strong structures and solid anchoring methods into the design of our blinds.

To extent the lifespan of outdoor shades it is vital that you clean and maintain it regularly. We at Gulf Fab provide comprehensive guidance on the proper cleaning and maintenance procedures ensuring that the shades last longer.

Being one of the top outdoor shades supplier UAE Gulf Fab is the right place to get your outdoor shades. Be it for some event or for your backyard, we offer high-quality outdoor shades that are sure to make your penny worth.

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