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Outdoor, Stadium & Roof Shades

Amongst the related items we supply and install tents and sun shade both with standard and customized blue prints which made us to be called as outdoor shades and roof shade supplier UAE. We are outdoor shades supplier UAE and supply all kinds of outdoor shades and umbrellas including masjid shades, school shades, Arabian Tents, beech shades and many as per the insistence by our clients. We are specialized in outdoor shading like shade sail, umbrellas, roof shades, motorized side shades etc. for domestic as well as commercial purposes including restaurants, hotels in UAE.

We are one amongst the fewest stadium roof shades supplier in UAE. Our outdoor shades are produced with excellent materials by considering latest technology and designs. We use both the traditional and modern designs with good old-fashioned craftsmanship and with high professional team of engineers in order to cope the outdoor shading needs in UAE.

All the roofing and outdoor shading structures we build are robust, paramount engineered and having a durability of years which definite render awesome protection from routine and normal natural disturbances. The wide range of fabric choices, glass fabrics, first grade PVC that we use for our constructions of roof shade made us the prominent shade structures supplier UAE. Most of our structures and canopy menders are nautical grade stainless steel.

The cost

Majority of our fabric structures are cost-effectively and effortlessly transformed or modified in size to make adequate within your existing environment. Our range includes flat roof sail blinds, pergola designs, sun tunnels, fabric sheds, sun joy replacements (temporary and permanent), super span hip roofs, waterproof pergola covers, retractable roofs, tensile fabric membrane structures of various purposes and so on.

 If you are looking for outdoor shade supplier UAE and stadium roof shades supplier in UAE contact us. We are very happy to assist you whether or not you have a specific design of your own.

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